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Meditation Music

I have wanted to produce a meditation CD for quite some time now. There is a huge amount of music to select from on the market and I wanted mine to accomplish a couple of goals.

  • Bring some form of stress relief
  • Help to bring your vibrational into harmony with the rest of your body
  • Help to take you to a deeper level of visualization or meditation
  • Do this without using binural beats or hemisync technologies

Some people get nasty headaches after listening to binural beats (alpha, theta, delta and beta) and some people have other reactions to hemisync technology. I might add binural at some point and time, but not for the general release. I want the listener to feel the vibration in the sound waves and feel how it might release stress in there body and nervous system.

I did these track in 7 minute segments (give or take a few seconds) to help focus for a short burst of relief. You can do the whole album or just give yourself a little listen to one or two tracks at lunch time and after dinner to help you calm yourself and bring focus and balance to your day.

I hope that you like these tracks and that they help to bring some sort of stress relief and calmness in your daily life. I released the CD through CreateSpace, which allows me to sell it via

I decided in 2012 to make the MP3 version of this CD available for free. The CD's you can still purchase if you like to own a little higher quality recording and you can still purchase the MP3 versions through any of the music outlets it was released through. My decision was to give folks access to this music, who may not be able to afford CDs and MP3 files. Everyone should have tools for stress relief available to them, without cost. This is why the videos are streaming on YouTube and the music is free to stream here and on Bandcamp, but now you can go grab yourself a copy by going to When you buy the CD, just enter a zero dollar amount into "name your price" field at checkout.

Thank you and enjoy. :)

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