About Diabetic Stress Relief


A little about me:

My name is Dave Davis. I am a Business Intelligence Specialist by day and a husband, father, musician, video producer, animator, photographer, artist and writer by night. There's a lot of labels there, but it is what best sums up what I do and who I am on many levels. I was diagnosed with Type II Diabetes in December 2012 and I am on oral medication and diet to reduce my blood glucose levels. I have been a New Age musician most of my life and have released several successful independent releases. I have dabbled in dance and electronic music along with short pieces for film and TV with some success. In early 2012, I worked on a project that I had been wanting to do for some time; ambient space music or what some might called meditation music, this CD is titled "Thought Vibration". I am currently in a cover band playing keyboards, guitar and singing a few tunes, we are called Syrens. All of my music can be listened too, in full release, from my website link above. "Thought Vibration" can also be listened to here, under the Music link above.

A little about Mary:

In 2005 I met the love of my life and we were married in 2006 and I became a stepfather to two awesome teenage boys. Every day has been a gift and a joy since then. Mary has been a voice over talent since the time I met her. She was putting together demos with character voices and advertisements when I met her. Mary's acting and radio background have given her the skills of a smooth voice that is easy and relaxing to listen too. She has done voice over work for the last two years professionally. Her work includes several commercials and audio book readings for a few websites, including the Gutenberg Project. Since we have been together, I have always wanted to do a project with her in music and/or voice over, and now we will get that chance to do so. We will be putting together various guided meditations with the music and videos, that will be available through this site and on Amazon.

The story about this site, the music and videos:

I've listened to Ambient music for the last 20 years, to artists such as Jonn Serrie, Constance Demby and Brian Eno. It has always brought me peace of mind when listening to this type of music in stressful situations. About 15 years ago, I got into listening to various CDs that had subliminal beats or binural beats added to them. The binural beat CDs worked the best for me. Especially when I listened to Alpha and Theta waves attached to the music. By themselves, the binuarls give me massive headaches, but when they are broken up with some very pretty soothing ambient sounds, they don't cause the headaches.

The project I started in early 2012 was different than any other I had taken on. I had always wanted to make a meditation CD that used ambient music, but did not use the binaural beats. Binaural beats are wonderful for some, but for others it causes headaches and I sometimes wonder if it doesn't cause other things to happen in the brain. I also didn't want to make these one track music that was 60 minutes long, although I may do these lengthy CDs in the future. For this first release I focused on doing 7 minutes of duration. Why? Have you ever noticed that there is a lull in conversation and focus every 7 minutes? The next time you are in a group, focus on conversations that are going on in the group and you'll see that it is roughly 7 minutes before a pause or change occurs. So here you have a 7 minute window to sit, focus and be present with a nice ambient soundtrack to visually take your focus away from your stress and relax.

In 2003 I started to work with digital art, by creating and combining various fractal formulas to make beautiful abstract digital art. One package that was working with, gave me the opportunity to test out a way to move the fractals within their formula to rotate it 360 degree. These evolve into a beautiful flowering art forms that feel like they are dancing in space. I composed a few different pieces of an ambient piano music to go with these animations and published them to YouTube. They had a very calming and stress reducing effect on several people that watched them. I started to receive many emails and comments about how these two videos were helping to calm some people down. In fact, a kindergarten class in NYC watched one video before nap time and the teacher said it helped them all to fall asleep faster than normal, so she shows it every day to them.

I decided to take the music from my meditation/ambient CD titled "Thought Vibration" and use it as the soundtrack for a whole series of videos, and they have been very successful with every audience that I have shown them too. Especially meditation groups. Two groups have used them as a visual form of focus and relieving stress. I had not thought to do much with them, other than to post them to YouTube this last year. Then the diagnosis came. While in Diabetes Education in February 2013, my educator talked about stress relief for Diabetics and how important it was. I said to her, "I've already created something like that." and I shared it with her on my SmartPhone. She thought this was a great way for me to relieve my stress. I got home that evening and the thought about opening up a site popped into my mind. I checked for this site name, the Facebook page and the Twitter account and was surprised that no one had taken them. So I signed up for all of it.

I want to share my music and my videos and make it available to everyone who could get something from them. Everything here is free to stream, whether its the music or the videos. I will be creating a DVD version that you can play on your DVD player or stream through AmazonPrime and you can always purchase the CDs that are available through the links that I will provide. But I want you all to know that everything on this site is free to listen too. I will be giving a portion of the sales of any CD and DVD to the American Diabetes Association for research of a cure. This site is about giving back. We all know that there is more need for stress relief in our lives. The benefit is keeping our blood glucose levels in at a non-elevated level from stress. Every little bit helps and I hope that what I have created helps you some way.

This site will also contain articles, links, reviews and as many postings as I have time to post. :)

Enjoy everyone! And many blessings to you all. May you find peace and stress relief in your daily life and live happy, healthy and vibrantly in all your days.