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This is a place where you can come to find information about different stress relief modalities via articles, videos and music. Stress is something that exists in all of our lives. While the focus of this site is on Diabetes and how stress effects those of us with this disease; the techniques, music, videos and wisdom can be used for anybody needing to find some peace of mind and relieve their tensions and stress.

Thought Vibration Videos

My main focus when I put together these videos was to help folks find some peace and relaxation. Take a look through this site to find different aritcles, music, blog posts, videos and more in the years to come. This is the place to start if you need some relaxation

If you would like a copy of the soundtrack to this video, click on the Music link in the address bar at the top of the page and you can find the link to where you can download the music for free.

Thought Vibration - Full Album Video

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Meditation Music

Musical Relaxation Station

I decided this year that I really wanted to persue putting together a radio show. A few friends had urged me to do so. I started with an Indie artist show called Independent Share, but quickly decided to add a few other shows. One is the Musical Relaxation Station. I may not get to do a live show every week, but I do them from time to time and the past episodes will always be there for folks to stream or download through the player below. Some shows I have done live announcements of who the artists are, but recently have decided not to do this with these shows. I just want the energy of the show to flow without interruption.

So kick back, grab a favorite beverage, kick off those shoes and relax for a few minutes or a few hours and just get away from the days stress as I take you on a relaxing journey in music.

Musical Relaxation Station has a Facebook page and will have a full blown website soon.